Enjoy Party in a Flash!

Even with ever increasing storage and processing capability, computer and phone users struggle to avoid clogging up their devices with too much software and apps. Instant or no download venues offer a key advantage over download sites as they take up little storage space on computers, although there are some disadvantages to consider. As the name implies, instant casinos are quick to engage with via your browser and involve no memory-intensive downloading, instead making use of Flash or Java software. The main requirement here is a stable internet connection. Top Casinos has produced a useful guide to its top 10 listing of no download venues. Gaming Club and Mansion come out with a five-star rating and even the lowest ranking venue known as Red scores a fairly respectable 3.5 stars.

Playing bonuses for Canadian players range from about $150 to about $2475, and further information on all these venues and others is available via links on the Top Casinos site. Some of the advantages of instant casinos are covered below. With no downloading or hard drive usage and assuming a good internet connection, access is faster. Older computers and those with clogged up memories can cope better with no downloading. Playing is less complicated than on download gaming sites, and players are not limited to a single computer. New or infrequent users can begin playing quickly, and Mac users can access these sites. New games are constantly being added to no download sites thanks to technological innovations.

With no downloading, computers are less prone to picking up a virus, which is one of the many reasons some people prefer not to download programs. Finally, it is simple to play while out and about with an internet connection. A site that offers a clear choice between download and no download is Party Casino. Here, you will find a bulleted list showing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to online gaming. As with other online gaming sites, security and privacy are guaranteed. To help you get started and gain confidence, you can use play money rather than the real thing.