Play Live Roulette - Even if You're in Canada

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world, dating back centuries in Europe and evolving into a very popular thing. Amateur participants and high rollers alike enjoy watching the wheel spin, interacting with dealers, and the celebration of winning a number, range or numbers, or color when they play live roulette.

The magic of roulette is that it can be as simple or complicated as the player chooses. Bet red or black for a quick and easy wager, or carefully choose numbers based on a strategic system of numbers and odds. Either way, the game continues to thrive in casinos everywhere, and it is no surprise that it is also popular in Canada, since virtual gambling sites offer several versions of it for people around the world.

Modern technology has allowed online gaming sites to offer the very latest for gamblers who play live roulette. Live dealers are involved to interact with participants by asking for bets, letting people know when wagering must stop, and announcing wins. Online users feel like they are in a casino, complete with involving interactions that have made this a favorite for centuries.

The advantage of having a live dealer is that the customer can choose a female or male dealer, and can pick from various languages that are available. Users then have a time period in which to place bets, and the dealer will announce when that time is over. He or she spins the wheel, tells people the winning number, and congratulates the winner or winners.

Some people prefer the traditional online style without the live dealer because it moves faster since there isn't conversation involved in the game. But many feel that the live version gives more of a real-life feel to the whole thing and makes it more exciting and fun. Either way, people can compete at whatever stakes they choose and opt for several variations of the game, such as European or American.

Many sites offer great bonuses, like $1,000 sign-up rewards. There are great payout structures (typically close to 97%), regular promotions that are offered, and great loyalty clubs for regular customers. Be sure to check out eCOGRA-verified sites before choosing which platform to use. Also make sure that you know what version you're playing since the European one has a lower house edge.

People can use the flash version of an online website, which offers less interaction but doesn't require a download of the platform, or they can download the online version for a more real-life variation of the game. Using the computer and the chat box, participants can interact with each other as things move along. Canadian players with all types of computer connections can try roulette through their Internet connection. The best of the new casinos offer roulette, and it is an exciting twist to virtual gambling. As technology improves, the freedom of the Internet combined with stunning graphics and visuals and software provide a very real experience for anyone from Canada trying to play live roulette.