Quick Tips on How to Play Baccarat and Win

Baccarat, a popular card game played with up to eight decks, used to be an exclusive activity for VIPs and high rollers. However, thanks to the Internet, people all over the world can enjoy trying their hand. The rules and strategies involved are not too complicated once you get used to them, either. Here are some of the basics that can help you learn how to play baccarat and win.

The object is to predict whether the banker or the player has the higher hand. The player is not necessarily you, and the banker is not necessarily the casino - these are just the names of the two hands dealt. There is one rule that is different from most games - 10s and face cards have zero value. Also, you only count the last digit when totaling your hand. For example, your hand contains a queen, 8, and 6 for a total of 14, so your end total is 4. If you have a 7 and 3, you have a zero - or a baccarat (worst possible hand!).Everyone will begin by betting on the player, banker or tie. Participants receive two cards and must hit with 5 or less, and must stand with more than 5. Upon completion of the hands, the totals are compared to find a winner. Enjoying this title on the Internet is a good way to get experience since many of the moves are automated for you.

There are a few different ways you can win. If you've bet on the banker and the banker's hand wins, you get a payout of even money with a 5% house commission. If you've bet on the player and this hand wins, you get the same payout but with no commission paid to the house. If you bet on a tie and the tie happens, your payout is 8-1. If the outcome is a tie but you did not place your bet on one, your bet is returned without a win or a loss. Try playing at Party Casino, one of the best Canadian online casino sites for practical experience and more tips on how to play baccarat and win.