You're not a true gambler if you haven't tried live blackjack online

image of live blackjack online

Live blackjack online is existing as a legitimate gambling option in the United States. It is favoured by a lot of gamers and it is easy to understand why. For most potential gamblers, trust is their main concern in internet betting sites. This is the reason why they opt for a real-time game where they interact with live dealers and they can keep tabs on what's happening simultaneously. The improved picture resolution on today's mobile and computer devices combined with video streaming technology make live blackjack online and other live dealer casino games very appealing to bettors.

With live blackjack online, gamers get the privilege of having a game facilitated by a real person in a casino without having to go there. The basic blackjack strategy is still very applicable and useful when playing live on the web. The accepted banking methods are the same with the classic web-based version, such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa. This live version fosters a sense of trust between the website and the players. Bettors these days are wiser compared to those who were playing during the early years of internet betting. Even if a certain site claims to have a safe gaming arena, some players would still be wary.

Playing live gives players an experience quite similar to being in a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas casino. Visually, you just can't ask for more as the video clarity is top-of-the-line and very similar to video chats like that in Skype. Aside from that, the odds and rules between the live and actual game in land-based casinos are the same. In simpler terms, the live version is an exact replica of the land-based gambling experience. These days, this live version runs on the technology first created by Playtech. The company merged live video streaming with the human dealers, making it possible for the players to have a one-on-one chat with these professionals. Other software companies followed suit and several sites now have this gambling option. All the dealers are trained well and efficiently handle the game.

Players from the US aged 21 and above can enjoy not only this live dealer game but also baccarat and roulette provided that the site they are playing doesn't have its main office in the United States. Some of the reliable sites to play live dealer games at include Sun Palace Live Dealer Casino, Live Dealer Casino and BetOnline Live Dealer Casino. Non-US site Bet365 Live Dealer Casino is a great site worth mentioning, too.