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We all know craps is among the most exciting casino games. These days, it is commonly referred to as "dice" in most establishments. During the game, players get extremely excited that they can't help but shout every time the dice is thrown. The thrill you get from playing is just different from other games, even if you're just a bystander.

Several players blow the dice on their hands before throwing them, believing it bring good luck. The stickman - the dealer who holds the stick - in cooperation with the inspector controls the pace of the game. The stickman also is the commentator during the game. This game may seem complicated at first, but we have you covered with some craps information that can help you learn the game quickly.

First order of business for craps information is the betting rules. These rules are relatively simple to understand and the game in general doesn't require special skills. What makes this game more popular aside from the entertainment factor is it being a good value game - the house edge on a number of bets are below 1%. To start the game, the shooter (a player assigned to throw the dice) needs to bet at least the minimum limit on either the don't pass or pass line. The shooter needs to use only one hand when he throws the dice and it must hit the walls on the other side of the table. As many as 20 players can join the game, and each of them gets the chance to be the shooter. Players can also refuse to be the shooter but they can still bet. Meanwhile, the casino personnel is made up of the boxman, two dealers and the stickman. Every round, there are two phases: the point and the come out. The first roll is the come out, while the succeeding player's throw is the point.

The players gamble versus the bank or other players, betting money against themselves. This game surprisingly has roots in the UK, even if today's current gameplay is heavily influenced from France. There are three types of bets: the come bets, pass odds and the pass line. Today, a lot of people opt to play online for convenience since online casinos also offer playing for real money or just for fun. We hope the craps information on this page helped you.